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About Us

Our Founders' Story

Legacy Lapels is dedicated to the men who dream in style because it is ran and founded by a man who dreams in style. My name is Ramon Smothers.

Growing up, all I wanted was to dress well. I wanted the new shoes. I wanted the new clothes. I even threw my name in the hat for the "honorable" award of "best-dressed" in high school.

But growing up in a single-parent household, it was hard for that to happen. I had to make due with what we had and find ways to creatively piece together the sale items from JCPenney. The idea of a custom suit was an afterthought when the only thing custom I owned was an airbrushed t-shirt that you would get from the local carnival.

This instilled a drive in me like no other. A drive to one day, be able to afford nice clothes and truly live life on my terms.


This is how Legacy Lapels came about.

I graduated college with an engineering degree and began working my first ever full time job a few months after graduating. I chose engineering, not because I loved the work that I was doing…but simply because it paid well! And I knew that it would allow me to afford the luxuries that I dreamed of as a kid.

I worked that job for 5 years. I was comfortable, I was content, but more than anything, I was financially stable. I bought one of my first suits around that time as well. It wasn’t custom, it was off the rack. I immediately went to have it tailored, looked in the mirror after it was done, felt unstoppable, and wanted another. So I got another. And another.

And fell in love with how a good, tailored suit, made me feel.

Then I lost that job. I lost that security. And I lost a bit of confidence. But on that day, I gained something priceless. I gained the option to decide what it was I truly wanted out of life. And with that option, I decided to launch this business and take control of my life, forever. And in doing so, I aspire to empower men to feel the same way I felt every time I put on a new suit.

That feeling of confidence, empowerment, and strength cannot be duplicated anywhere else. It only comes when you put on a suit. You go from Clark Kent to Superman.

You go from good, to great, to unstoppable. This is the value we’re exchanging at Legacy Lapels.

Because that value is priceless.

I look forward to welcoming you to the club. The Legacy Lapels Club.