Visit our showroom or contact us to create any suit or any shoe completely custom.

Why Buy From Us


We are the only custom suit company that provides bold, custom suits with you in mind!

We stand for quality materials, careful attention to detail, and self-expression through truly custom clothing. That’s why we offer colors and prints that aren’t widely available.

We are absolutely against baggy, boring, cookie-cutter suits that scream "I can get this from anywhere"!

So we pay special attention the detail, we pay special attention to the cut, and we pay special attention to you…to ensure you feel unstoppable when you have our suit on!

I, the owner, knows the feeling it brings to a man when he puts on a custom suit. That feeling is incomparable. So we don’t just sell suits, we sell the feeling of empowerment. We empower each and every man wearing our suits to live the life they love, make a difference, and change the world the best way you know how.

One more reason why you’d buy from us.

We cut out the middle man (retail stores) and ship your garments straight from the tailor’s hand to you. They work diligently to craft not only the suit of your dreams, but the suit you dream in. Then ship it directly to your door. We save you money by shipping directly to you and negating the costs associated with most retail brands.

Our suits

Our suits are made of 100% wool and are all of the Super 100s distinction. Our fabrics are milled in Italy, hand-tailored, then shipped directly to you…skipping over the middle man.

Suit Construction

All of our suits are made with half-canvassed construction. With this type of construction you really get the best of both worlds. On one hand you’ll get the perfect drape and form fit of a full canvassed jacket across your chest. On the other hand, you’ll enjoy some of the cost savings of a fused jacket by having a half-canvassed jacket.

Our linings

Our linings are bemburg cupro. Which is a cotton material that has been given unique properties to give it the feel of a soft silk. It works perfectly with suit linings because it is soft to touch, beautifully designed, is lightweight, and breathable. Keeping you cool as you wear your custom suit.