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15 Mistakes Men Are Making Wearing Their Suits

November 12, 2018

15 Mistakes Men Are Making Wearing Their Suits

Among the most esteemed garments a man can wear is a suit. Sure we love the scruffy flannel-and-jeans look. Nevertheless, when it is time to appear sharp, bright and put-together, there's nothing like a suit.

When it is done correctly, that is. Too many guys are failing to use their suits to perfection. The trousers are too long, so the coat sleeves are too short, the lapels are too broad and the buttons are tight... we can go on and on.

Below, 15 more errors that men are creating with their own suits. Guys, print it out, laminate it and examine it. Then pledge not to commit these mistakes again.


  1. Allowing a white undershirt to poke above the dress shirt in the neck. That really can be sloppy-looking. Moreover, it is just unnecessary: Go buy yourself a few V-neck undershirts (or even better yet, do not wear one -- they are by no means required) and spare the crewnecks for times when you put on a tie.


  1. Not getting your coat sleeves hemmed. Most guys assume that after their trousers are hemmed, they are done. But coat sleeves are equally as significant, or even more so, to get tailored. Too-long sleeves appear childish, and also too-short sleeves seem dorky. Be certain the coat stops 1/2 inch above your top sleeve.  
  1. Selecting jackets which are too long. A fantastic approach to check the length? Allow the coat to fall wherever your fingertips fall naturally. It is as simple as that.


  1. Forgetting to eliminate the brand tag off the coat sleeve. We are shaking our heads but it's common. A lot of companies place their tags on the outside of arm near the wrist of a new jacket. Remove this before wearing it.


  1. Forgetting to cut the thread on the back vent and also the pockets. It's usually a white piece of thread in an "X" shape that is holding your vents closed on the back of your jacket. Remove this thread to open your jacket vents!


  1. Selecting lapels which are too big. If they are large enough for Rush Limbaugh, they are too big. 3 inches is likely a safe upper limit. Unless you like the look. It widens the appearance of the chest and shoulders.


  1. Wearing trousers with pleats. You are not the father from “Leave It to Beaver". Flat-front trousers are the best way to go so that you do not look 10 lbs heavier.


  1. Wearing trousers which are too long. Mind the break -- the break, in other words, from the cloth that takes place when the base of the trousers skim the tops of the dress shoe developing a flat crease (a "break") from the cloth. Pants without a break mean they are short enough to drop right over the shoe and then flash a little sock. This is cool, but maybe too insecure for most men. Most guys need to aim for a moderate break -- not overly rumpled or tight, but not overly brief around the ankles.


  1. Wearing trousers with cuffs. Not only are they untrendy right now, cuffs visually distort the legal death sentence to the shorter men. For everybody else, cuffs additionally often flair about more.


  1. Selecting shirts which are too large. There'll be a few muscular guys using bulging muscles whose tops are tight. But normally, guys have the issue of purchasing them too large. In regards to the collar, follow the one-finger principle (if you're able to fit more than 1 finger between the collar and your neck, then it is too large). 


  1. Believing pinstripes are the only acceptable suit pattern -- and really wearing them. Suits come in much more printing options than simply pinstripes, from glen plaid to windowpane check.


  1. Wearing black. Yes, even wearing black. You might have gotten a spiffy black suit for the Bar Mitzvah, also you might have noticed your dad rock a dark suit to your workplace. But black must typically be reserved for funerals and weddings -- as far as daytime wear, stay with a traditional navy or charcoal grey suit, paired together with sneakers in brownish hues. Bonus: You will find almost no color shirts which don't fit navy or grey.


  1. Going daring with French cuffs. French cuffs, worn with subtle cuff links, may add some “oomph" to a suit for a formal event. Nevertheless, once they are too large in the wrist (or, God forbid, bigger than the size of the suit sleeves they are beneath), they will flop about conspicuously. Best to simply steer clear completely.


  1. Allowing your tie to peek from beneath the sides and rear of your jacket. Make certain this never occurs.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Focusing on flash over substance. Tie clips, pocket squares, French cuffs -- those are accessories which are earned to wear. You have got to learn the fundamentals first, so start with a solid-fitting suit and a shirt to match into a solid color combo. As they say, "learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."


In Conclusion

Not committing these mistakes will greatly increase your style and appearance. These are the fundamentals. Once you perfect these, we give you permission to venture out into the world of accessories, cuff links, french squares, and suspenders. Speaking of accessories, shop some of ours while you're here to pair with a custom suit.

Thanks for reading and welcome to The Legacy Lapels Community.