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How To Wear Tennis Shoes With Your Suit

August 16, 2018

How To Wear Tennis Shoes With Your Suit

You have seen him around your workplace and you have seen him frequenting happy hour. Cool, calm, and collected is his walk from the desk to the water fountain. He awakens confidence, swagger, and a feeling of elegance. What exactly does he have that you do not?

 Then, you understand --it has gotta be the sneakers. He is wearing trendy kicks with a suit which truly puts your worn oxfords to pity. But every single time you wear tennis shoes with your suit, it appears just as if you are on your way into the gym. So how’s he doing it?

 The secret to pulling off the tennis shoes and suit mix is paying attention to these particulars. To simplify, concentrate on three important components while looking for work-appropriate shoes: design, color, and what they are made of.



 Adidas Samba

Adidas Samba

Magnanni Brown Sneakers


The same as with your conventional oxfords and monk straps, so it is still very important to thoughtfully select your tennis shoes depending on your outfit. If you want a more contemporary, tapered pant leg to demonstrate a little bit of ankle at work, summer is the best chance to match your favorite suits and pants using a low-top sneaker. Choose between a canvas or some leather low-tops. Both of the styles encourage a line for your eye to follow without becoming trapped on unnecessary pant breaks or vibrant patterns. A sleek pair of no-show socks is the ideal (and mandatory ) method to keep this specific look fresh and Compass-worthy. Since tube socks only look good on basketball players in uniform.


Summertime Slip-ons

Steve Madden Woven Slip-On 

Steve Madden woven slide ons

Tod's Pantofola Slip-On Sneaker

Tod's Pantofola espadrille sneaker


If you would rather have a more summer-specific sneaker, then start looking for a a shoe in a neutral color. Since these sneakers are on most footwear sites and always appear on your Instagram feed, then you can choose your choice with substance and cost. Consider yourself a timeless guy? The summer leather sneaker includes all the comfort and functionality of your Vans, however, they appear to be 3 times as costly. This certain type of shoe calls for focus on color. Just bear in mind that the warmer the weather, the lighter the color should be. A brown slip-on is the best compliment for your Regal Navy along with earth-toned suits equally this summer.


Jumping in Feet First


To genuinely devote to wearing your shoes at the workplace, you have got to really go big or go home. (Well you can not go home... if it is not 6:00 pm.) Considering that your only other solution is going big, we recommend going with one of 2 options if completely embracing the sneakers-and-suit appearance.


High Tops

Ecco Soft 8s

Ecco Soft 8s

Common Projects Sneaker

Common Project High Tops

First up is your high-top sneaker. That is right -- they are good for more than the basketball court. Whether you're born from the'50s or even your'80s, it is very likely that high tops have some kind of nostalgic place in your heart. Bring that love into life at the job by locating a set of calf-grazing shoes that fit in to your work apparel. Think conventional dress shoe colors with nominal layouts and glossy soles. We are talking brown, cognac, all black, dark grey, and the occasional oxblood or navy. Aiming to get a spin that is unconventional? Keep it in the neutral ranges: cream, white, and olive work here. Locate one of those colours in a high top shoe that does not have any bells or whistles such as additional eyelets, crazy colors, or nike checks embossed along both sides. Allow the pants opening to rest over the top of the shoe without excess bunching for the best look. To put it differently, don't tuck the pants into the sneaker openings. And unless you are certain your workplace is cool with it, then prevent classic Chuck Taylors. They just won’t cut it this time.



Timberland Groveton

Timberland Men's Groveton LTT

Dempsey Chukka

Dempsey Chukka


From time to time, men want a sneaker alternative that does not remind them of jogging. Input: The Chukka. We are not speaking about the boot, which we dig in its own right. We are speaking about the chukka sneaker; tasteful, simple, minimal, and potentially the most complicated choice of the crowd. With chukka shoes offered in virtually every material possible, it is important to settle on a fabric which is most suitable for the entire year. Espadrille bottoms and chukkas created out of canvas are good in the summertime, and suede and leather work all year round. (Just make sure you stick with boots with rain or slush.) The chukka sneaker is an actual statement shoe which may wind up being the best option that you have.

In Conclusion

Whichever of those shoes tickles the fancy, the most memorable looks are made with contrast. A white sneaker with a charcoal or navy suit enables the shoe to talk for itself. A dark blue, grey, black, black or brown sneaker, on the other hand, would produce a more visually appealing outfit as a whole. Moving to get something in between? There is nothing wrong with a trial and error procedure. More frequently than not, your instincts won't deceive you. Now proceed with this new expertise, and level up your swag. Because who does not enjoy being the outlier in the place for all the ideal reasons?