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6 Toxic Habits You Have To Drop if You Ever Want to Achieve Your True Potential

November 08, 2018

6 Toxic Habits You Have To Drop if You Ever Want to Achieve Your True Potential

We said here at Legacy Lapels we wanted this to be more than just a suit company, we wanted to empower men and inspire them to be the best they can in life as a whole. In doing that, we'll be using the blog, not only for style tips but also as a self-development space. Our suits are designed to make you feel good, and that starts from within. So we're going within on this blog post to encourage you to get out of your way and live life on your terms by dropping these 6 toxic habits you may or may not be experiencing.

1. Hazardous Relationships

Friends, family members, fans, it does not matter who they're. When the people that you hang around with are not helping you develop into the best possible model of yourself, then you don't want them. We love this quotation, and for good reason:

"You're the average of the five people spend the most time with, " -Jim Rohn

Surrounding yourself with those that are simply "pleasure" or" comfortable" is really a snare. "Entertaining" and "relaxation" are for children who do not have real intentions yet.

Familiarize yourself with people that force you to believe. Individuals who struggle with you. Individuals who invite you to new areas. Individuals who view things from new perspectives. Individuals who care for your passions and intentions. Individuals who inspire you. Individuals who work their asses off to their particular targets.

Look for mentors and innovators which you hope to be more like. Trust me, you are not likely to develop into the very best version of yourself by just reading these posts online, keeping to yourself, then moving back and hanging out with exactly the exact same men and women that bring you down.

Nobody can succeed by themselves.

The undeniable facts about this particular one: Sometimes you've got to be selfish.

You do not owe it to individuals to please them whenever they are holding you back.

I do it -- it is hard sometimes. You truly really feel as though you're being a terrible friend, and you also do not wish to be "disloyal". But ask yourself whether spending your time doing exactly the exact identical dumb shit constantly is worth not reaching your entire potential.

(Spoiler, it is not)


2. Your requirement for External Validation

Say that to yourself




You have to quit spending so much time attempting to impress people along with their absurd standards. This is a relevant quote that appears to be flying about everywhere:

"There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don't need to impress people they don't like." -- Nigel Marsh

Ask yourself exactly what it is likely to take to attain your own goals and your vision for the future. Perhaps you are not at the point -- no problem.

You might discover that even should you waste all of your energy and time seeking to acquire other people's "validation", it will feel empty when you get it. Many times it is a never-ending match with no actual purpose or benefit.

There is always somebody who will not believe you are good looking enough, or slim enough, or challenging enough, or powerful enough.

Pay them no mind.

Gaining others’ validation is similar to living your own life seeking to leap through hoops just like a puppy instead of climbing a ladder for your goals. The minute you leap through among these, three you're likely to pop into their own place.

These hoops are criteria they most likely don't care about.

Set your goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them and impress yourself.

THAT'S satisfaction.

This is the world. They are just living in it. Be the man they will have to impress.


3. The Luxury of all Criticism

If you are spending your own time criticizing people which don't make a difference in your life in any meaningful manner, it means just 1 thing -- you've got a lot of time and insufficient objectives and aspirations.

It is the DEFINITION of "first world issues".

There are those on the planet who operate their hands on the bone, so 20 hours every day to get only enough to feed their households.

They do not possess the luxury of criticizing individuals who influence them in no manner.

Keep yourself busy with rewarding targets and hobbies which matter for you personally, and you will find that all the stuff you had to have worked up about really does not impact you whatsoever. There is not enough time in the afternoon to allow you to get angry about dumb things like this.

You do not have (or need) the luxury of criticizing folks.

 4. Believing You Are Up to the Fight

Your mindset has become the most effective tool at your disposal -- that is both a positive matter and also a negative matter.

The fantastic thing is you get to select which person it is.

If you opt to be confident and believe in yourself, there is in fact not much that may get on your own way.

But exactly the same, even when you let self-doubt to put in your head, you won't give yourself an opportunity to be successful. NOT an opportunity.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford

You are in charge of the talks which go through your mind. The moment you begin allowing any kind of self-defeating talk into your mind like "you are not good enough" for something, just know that:

It is going to eventually become true. Your brain is strong enough to will a thing into life.

At least give you the opportunity to test before you compel yourself to fail, right? Do not fool yourself into thinking something is tougher than it is. You don't have any clue what you are capable of, so quit hindering yourself by doubting what you could do. 

5. Leaving it to others to Make Decisions

When I was a child, I believed "adults" had it all figured out. I'd not be required to take the effect on a circumstance, even when I knew the ideal answer. There might always be "somebody else" to take the direct, to increase their hands in course, to take the reins of a circumstance.

Growing up, I heard the painful fact that many adults are only older children. They are equally as ignorant, just like fearful, just like satisfied to allow other men and women take the guide.

Do not be among these individuals.

Be the individual that takes action. Enforce a pioneer mentality on mind -- understand your view conveys as much influence as anybody else.

Realize the "leaders" who should conduct the entire planet comprises of regular folks just like you.

This will force you to stand out like mad from the hordes of anxious sheep waiting for a person to tell them exactly what to do.

"Indifference" is not a neutral characteristic. It is a negative attribute concealed to be harmless.

"Not fond" does not make you cool. This makes you look free of ambition.

Letting different men and women make all the choices does not make you "fine" or "chill" or "laid back" This makes you appear to be someone that will let anyone walk around them.

If this was not already evident, girls like guys who make choices without any hesitation. Listed below are a few less obvious matters that draw girls like no more.

Ladies want a pioneer. 

6. Procrastinating

Does not matter that you are -- everybody has procrastinated about doing anything significant before.

The quantity of disservice that lengthy evaluation does for you as well as your aims will be monumental.

The longer you procrastinate or avoid doing anything -- the longer you need to consider doing it. And that's not a fantastic thing.

Like I mentioned before, your brain is extremely strong. When we procrastinate, we have a tendency to gradually construct the occasion up to become worse than it truly is. The more time you wait, you're not as likely to perform it and the more painful it really becomes. You will discover if you prepare to do it fast, it often is not quite as bad as you believed it could be.

Right now is the most debilitating it's going to be to do whatever it's that you're dreading.

In addition to this -- we are all grown adults who have busy lives. Convincing yourself that you will have the time to do something after is really a lie.

"You pile up enough tomorrows and you'll be left with nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays" -- Meredith Willson

But on a more significant level -- the very last thing that you would like to munch is pursuing your dreams. You're able to earn every excuse in the book.

"I am not good enough yet."

"I want to watch around for the correct moment."

"I've got too much going on at this time."


From time to time, you have to turn off your brain. Your mind does not enjoy doing terrifying things outside your comfort zone.

This makes it a good deal more difficult to turn this portion of your mind off. You will envision all of the reasons why you need to not do something. Whether they are accurate or not it does not matter.

There'll ALWAYS be reasons to not get something.

Repeat this with me personally.


Nobody will offer you consent to follow your own dreams. Nothing will fall from the sky to inform you you're ideal for the task or the opportunity to pursue your dreams will be currently.

The only way to begin is to get started.

You receive permission to follow your own dreams the moment you make the very easy choice which you're likely to take action. You're the divine intervention which you have been awaiting on your lifetime.

Trust me, the moment you make the decision to pursue your dreams, you are likely to believe --

"I can not believe I waited so long to get this done."

However, you are going to be pleased knowing you did not wait a second more.

In Conclusion

YOU are the individual. You simply don't understand it yet.

Anytime you go, you're feel people's eyes attracted to you.

You will feel confident in everything you put your mind to.

Not one of the little items will bug you.

Men will ask you what your key is.

Women will be attracted to your assurance.

You get a ridiculous quantity of possible, and you are aware of it. Those joyful, successful people who you respect a lot -- you aren't so different from them.

Folks today say to be pleased with the individual they are. We say level up. Try to develop into a much better version of yourself, each and every moment.

Ditching these undesirable habits will take you out of your comfort zone. That is the purpose. If you are seriously interested in getting the very best edition of yourself and living a joyful and satisfied life -- you are likely to be ditching your own comfort zone very frequently. Get used to it.

Quit waiting for life to throw a bone and begin taking the initial actions for reaching your potential.

Grab life by the horns and also decide to be the type of person you dream of being.

You won't regret it....