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How To Choose a Wedding Suit

August 01, 2018

How To Choose a Wedding Suit

Wedding season is upon us and that means it’s time to bring out your best suits. We’ve compiled what we feel are our best choices that’ll surely have you photograph ready. So if you're a groom or a guest, at an antique New Orleans church or even on a remote tropical shore, here are a few methods for you to think about when dressing for a marital engagement.

It's possibly a good and a bad thing that there are fewer rules about the best way best to dress for this kind of event. A good thing because rules can be boring, a bad thing since they are also able to allow you to navigate a potentially dangerous fashionisto minefield. Thankfully there's only one universal truth that is relevant to all ages, sizes, and shapes regardless of the event: although nice tailoring always flatters, style sometimes doesn't.

The fave.

The very popular wedding suit that people create at Legacy Lapels (along with also the one I motivate many grooms to elect for, surely if that is the initial suit they're needing to be made) is exactly what I'd refer to as a "timeless" Savile Row three-piece. By timeless I’m getting at a flexible, ever-smart suit that matches your own proportions. One in which the coat does not seem too long or too short, too tight or too loose, so your pants do not make your feet look too large or too little and that the waistcoat does not make your body appear too long or too brief. An expert tailor that has a fantastic eye will locate this sweet spot. The waistcoat will also let you take your coat off and prevent your shirt from coming out of the pants —this will prevent you from looking like the drunk uncle who suddenly thinks he’s at home and forgets he’s still in public.

In the event you select a three-piece wear your pants higher in your waist, then that way the waistcoat may be shorter allowing your legs to look longer and you look thinner. What you have to avoid at all costs would be revealing some shirt or trouser waistband involving the waistcoat and the trouser braces guarantee this will not occur. Don't put on a belt with a waistcoat. Ever.

3 piece wedding suit


The color of your suit.

When there's a themed or colored wedding, acquiring a swatch of the color together with you as soon as you select your fabric will help. A plain gray will go well with anything. Navy is quite flexible and flatters all complexions. It is going to also contrast with your environment providing you with a much more defined shape. 1 final bit of information on fabric selection; select a fabric that's matte instead of shiny. A textured fabric will absorb light rather than reflect it. Your suit will look richer in color and it'll look fantastic in the photos also.

Sunny day weddings allow for more fashions in milder colors with milder construction (less cushioning and canvasses). Soft fabrics, cottons and summertime wool frescos come into play throughout the summertime. In case you've got a darker complexion select for an earthy tone like a khaki or hunter green. An easy two-piece could be paired with a casual leather shoe like a loafer or possibly a suede moccasin. Only you can decide whether you need to put on a tie or not.

khaki two piece suit

Aside from a gorgeous suit, another main investment in your ensemble is time. Time has to be spent ensuring that your shoes are well brushed or polished. Your top (that you may also think about having made to find the sleeve length and collar dimensions correct) has to be spotlessly clean and beautiful. Pocket squares and tiepins are welcome and small touches as in one flower bud on the lapel buttonhole. But do not throw it all into the mixture, a little restraint is quite masculine.

Formal weddings.

This is an extremely formal and special dress code, therefore adhere to the listing: black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux shirt. Vibrant colors are a no-go, as can be neckties, however, there are numerous different approaches in which that you may put yourself apart. Try out a tuxedo shirt using a fold-down collar for a contemporary appearance, and have the chance to accessorize in tiny ways. Insert a pocket square, suspenders, or switch studs into your ensemble. Black tie wedding apparel for men is about subtle swag.

Things to Wear:

White tuxedo shirt


Button Modes (optional)

Pocket square (discretionary, in white and black )

Black patent leather shoes

Suspenders (discretionary )

Black tuxedo


Finally, whatever you pick irrespective of color or fashion, wear it together with confidence and purpose, and keep in mind the best accessory that a gentleman may possess is a grin. Best of luck and congratulations.