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The Difficulties of Launching a Custom Suit Business

July 31, 2018

The Difficulties of Launching a Custom Suit Business



We're eager to open our doors as the launch of Legacy Lapels approaches. But we absolutely will not open until we are ready! The timeline for launch has been pushed back a bit as hurdles and challenges have arisen.

So we've decided to show the real and raw and write about some of the difficulties that go into launching a Custom Suit business.

1. The Actual Fit of The Suit

We successfully ran a soft launch and was able to gain some valuable information about you, our customer. We offered a small group of men the opportunity to get a custom suit made at a discounted price. We had no website,  no advertising, no customer base, and we did everything through email and text. This was the plan, however, and we got good results.

After a few of the gentlemen received their suits, a small percentage of them had issues with the fit. Mostly small and correctable. Creating a custom suit, specifically for one's body type is no easy task. So doing it remotely, with men you've never seen, of course, poses its' own set of challenges. But challenges are made to make you better. And with those challenges, I think we definitely got better.

For instance, a gentleman acknowledged that the suit fit perfectly everywhere but in the chest area. He explained that he would have liked it to fit more snug in his chest area. Ok got it. To remedy this we will offer you choices of how you'd like your suit to fit. Slim Fit, Standard Fit, or Classic Fit. This way, our tailors will know exactly how to cut your suit and will adjust our cutting on a case by case basis.

We may also recommend that you decrease or add a few inches to your measurements depending on what fit you're going for. For a more tapered (V-Look) of your jacket, you may want to subtract 1-2 inches off of the chest and stomach measurements to achieve it. 

Along with that, we will also include high-quality video instructions on how to properly take accurate measurements. This will give you the absolute best chance of getting it right the first time! Because, after all, this is a team effort! And you must do your part and send us the correct measurements, and let us work our magic from there!

We'll also offer a cool amount of money towards your first alteration if you need it altered further when you receive it. Just take it to an alteration shop of your choice, send us the receipt and we'll reimburse you the costs!

All in all, we learned a lot but this proved to be a challenge that we had to overcome. Because of this, we can guarantee that your suit will fit exactly as you envision it to. We'll always have an open door policy where all of you can offer feedback at any time.

2. The Delivery Process

For some reason, we always assume as humans that delivery will be a breeze. I mean, after all, we've been sending things and receiving things in the mail our whole entire life! But you can ask any business owner that deals with shipping and logistics that it's one of the most difficult things to manage. We found that out soon.

Now, because we were doing everything manually with the test group we emailed them all order forms in an excel spreadsheet. There was a clearly defined place on the forms for each member to enter their shipping info. And everyone did that correctly without any issues.

The mix-ups came in when a few guys added new items to their orders a week or two later. Because it was physical forms that we stored in our database these forms had to be located and updated manually. But because the suits were already being made and were set out to be delivered, we had a few mix-ups with whose new item belonged with which suit.

Sooooo, a few items were shipped to the wrong address. Wow.

Now being that our owner knew most of the test group personally he was able to reach out to them to resolve the issues and the group members were nice enough to either forward them to the paying customer or just ship them to us and we forward them along. This cost us time, and of course, extra shipping charges.

But of course, we learned a ton so those mistakes were priceless. We were able to remedy these issues the next time similar occurrences happened and the process went seamlessly.

When our doors open, we will continue to make it seamless for everyone to place an order. With a step by step customization process, your selections and measurements will be stored in one place and automatically transferred to our expert tailors. Once your suit is complete, our team will confirm the info on the item is correct before shipping it out to its' destination. 

We will, of course, have online support team readily available to help with any and all issues regarding order placement and shipping.

We've grown tremendously thanks to these stumbles prior to opening our doors and are excited about the changes we've made. Because of this, we guarantee orders will be delivered within 4-5 weeks of being placed. 

3. Sourcing Quality Fabrics

The fabric of a suit makes a great difference in quality. And this is something we don't take for granted. So we took our time to make sure we sourced amazing fabrics for anyone joining the Legacy Lapels Club.

This gave us the opportunity to check the quality of fabric from all over the world and hand-choose what we wanted to offer. It also required A TON of work. Talking to manufacturers, holding skype calls, ordering swatch books, etc...

And because we will offer bold colors that aren't widely available we had to search far and WIDE to find them of course! This is all before we went through the process of finding the perfect tailor to have cut these amazing fabrics. Click the link and read our blog article to find out how we found them. 

Not only did we just want to offer bold colors but wanted them to be 100% wool. And of course, everything wasn't. There was a ton of polyester and we didn't want that. Polyester isn't nearly breathable as wool and can get hot when you wear it too long. So we spent tons of time ruling out what we didn't want to finally get what we wanted!

Our signature and introductory line will be known as The Regal Line. This line of suits will mainly be constructed with Super 120s wool and are exactly the colors we wanted to offer. Shades of blues, that are not like your normal navy's that most suits are, shades of reds, green's, purple's, and even browns will be a part of the collection.

Not only that, but Super 120s wool is a versatile wool and will last you years if need be. It's tightly spun which makes it extremely durable and that's exactly what we wanted with The Regal Line. Add an extra pair of pants in a different color to occasionally turn that suit jacket into a sportscoat!

We're extremely excited about the line of suits we'll be introducing after the extreme care we took in deciding. It had its challenges but that's what Legacy Lapels' stand for. We live our legacies daily here by doing the hard stuff. And that's what we encourage our members to do as well.

In Closing

We wanted this to be a very vulnerable article because we want to highlight the journey and include you in every step. Legacy Lapels will be different from what we're accustomed to seeing and we will strive to showcase that every chance we get. We know that custom clothing is not perfect and business isn't either but as long as we are dedicated to constant learning and improving, we know that we'll deliver quality.

All in all, we are still scheduled to launch this spring, it just may be the ladder of part of spring. Obviously. :-)

If you aren't a part of the club and would like to join then do so here. You'll get info on latest releases, educational content, new discounts, and special offers delivered directly to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club. The Legacy Lapels Club.